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Logistics Management Engineering, Inc
LME® Clothing Team


LME® supports the Clothing Team at NAVAIR Crew Systems Division, NAS Patuxent River, to develop new aircrew clothing. LME® provides design, acquisition and logistics support from the very beginning of a new developmental item. When Commercial-Off-The Shelf (COTS) items are required, a more streamlined acquisition process is followed. Support includes all relevant areas including the Life Cycle Sustainment Plan (LCSP), program management briefs, Integrated Logistics Support, engineering drawings, maintenance plans, configuration management, fielding plans, integrated master schedules, design change notices, interim support, nomenclature assignment, risk assessments, supply issues, support equipment issues, System Engineering Technical Reviews (SETR), technical publications, training matters, supportability, and fielding planning and execution.
HESPClothing products supported include Amelia (female ensemble); the Multi-Climate Protective (MCP) System (cold weather clothing); and the Ruggedized Coverall (anti-exposure suit). With support from LME®, the Clothing Team developed the Helicopter Egress System for Passengers (HESP). That system is designed especially for heavily loaded combat ready Marines flying over water as helicopter or V-22 passengers. HESP combines a new life preserver (LPU-41/P) with the SRU-43/P Survival Egress Air (SEA) bottle. The Clothing Team's Aircrew Endurance effort to design an improved aviator's vest and related items evolved from the recent requirements for long missions in very hot, as well as very cold conditions.
SEAAn offshoot of the Clothing Team is an innovative State of the Art (SOA) program wherein the team evaluates COTS and Non-Developmental Item (NDI) aircrew system products to determine if such products can meet emerging fleet requirements or provide significant improvements for a currently approved item. The SOA team, with LME® participation, quickly evaluates the item for fleet introduction, using support from the original equipment manufacturer. If the item does require organizational or intermediate organic support, a logistical analysis is undertaken to determine the impact and levels of funding that will be required. As with all the programs, LME® supports the Clothing Team's goal of fleet introduction of the product as rapidly as possible with supply and maintenance support necessary to sustain the product throughout its life cycle.


LME Logistics Management Engineering, Inc.
1356 Cape Saint Claire Road
Annapolis, MD 21409   •   410.757.6319

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