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Logistics Management Engineering, Inc


LME ® Patuxent River, Maryland


Since 1979, LME® has provided continuous support to numerous Aviation Life Support Systems programs in the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR).
Patuxent River Naval Air Station That support is now focused at the Naval Air Warfare Center, Patuxent River Naval Air Station, in Lexington Park, MD. Our support began years ago - before Aircrew Systems programs in AIR-531 evolved into PMA-202 and AIR-4.6 - and before base realignment moved NAVAIR Headquarters and Warminster, PA field activities to PAX River.
related ejection systemsPrior to the move, support included helicopter and TACAIR helmet programs (notably developments for several off-boresight and helmet mounted display systems and the Advanced Cobra Helmet), the Vee-Bottom Life Raft, the AIRSAVE Vest (as well as AISAP, SARVIP and MASRVIP), multiple laser eye protection devices, anthropometry, NACES ejection seat and related ejection systems, the Low Profile Flotation Collar, helicopter backpack, helicopter airbags, anti-exposure cold weather and emersion coveralls, crashworthy seating, Helicopter Emergency Egress Device (better known as the HEED bottle), Cats Eye/ANVIS and other night vision systems, aircrew cooling systems, and Nuclear-Biological-Chemical warfare protection.
helicopter airbags After the move to PAX River, support continued in many of those areas, as well as new areas including Aircrew Endurance (involving improved survival vests, body armor, the Advanced Mission Extender Device), new cold weather clothing initiatives, new laser eye protection programs, new Advanced Helmet Vision Systems, two-part helmets, the Helicopter Egress System for Passengers (HESP), crashworthy systems, the State-of-the-Art Survival Program, and numerous Technology Transition programs including external airbag protection systems.
LME® provides direct engineering design support to several of these programs, programmatic support to some, and acquisition & sustainment logistics to others. In many programs, those functions overlap. LME® is currently a RED-INC Team Member on the NAVAIR Human Systems "Seaport Enhanced" contract awarded in February 2007 for technical and engineering support. NAVAIR Human Systems
LME® provides "cradle to grave" support services: initial requirements documents; comparative analyses; risk management studies; systems engineering; configuration management; logistics; maintenance planning; test plans; supply support; and programmatics. Product fielding support involves supply activities, support equipment, FAILSAFE, and the Fleet Support Program.
Naval Air Test Center In a separate but related effort, LME® has provided direct parts and engineering support to the Naval Air Test Center. That support has involved the TH-6B helicopter to increase operational availability of that out-of-production, hybrid aircraft used to train students at the United States Naval Test Pilot School.

LME Logistics Management Engineering, Inc.
1356 Cape Saint Claire Road
Annapolis, MD 21409   •   410.757.6319


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